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Psycho Le Cage

+Blood is Pavement+

24 February 1988
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I live on long island, it's dull and im always bored. I fill my time by playing zoo zycoon, random pet sims, drawing, and working. I currently work at Hot Topic.
I design and make clothing as well as synthetic hair falls, mostly dread falls. I read a lot also, mostly horror, splatterpunk, yaoi, or erotica.
I'm an alternative model, mostly cyber or gothy styles, and some lolita if im in a mood. I'd want to one day be a fashion model for clothing companies and to be a print model. I want to be beautiful, or at least appear that way.
Speaking of, i'm extremely shallow, unfortuantely. I can't deny it. I'm in love with gorgeous boys & girls.
I have few friends, almost none. I want to meet more people, but i never let people close to me. Maybe i have social anxiety disorder, or maybe im just afraid.
i never think about it.
I'm happy with the ones im close to. i dont need more then them
i <3 the T man
And my friend Jenn. She's my best friend, forever.
Frank is my life. we suck together but we cant stay apart

feel free to contact me :D